Quality Policy

Al Sahara Trading & Contracting W.L.L Management is committed to its Quality Assurance Policy which governs all operations and departments. Our Quality review process begins at the initial stage and continues until the work is completed. Quality assurance review and audits are documented in a comprehensive report. We follow Quality Assurance Program by systematically listening to our customer's concerns, analyzing problems and identifying causes and effectively developing responses.

QA plans include project organization structures, coordination and operational procedures, with authority and responsibility matrices for all stages of the project. Although the QC Systems are particular to each project, they are fully compliant with the Company's overall policy.

Safety Policy

The company recognizes and accepts the inception and will conform in all respects to all or any Al Sahara Trading & Contracting W.L.L or Local acts of Government States Regulations, By Laws, Codes of Practice or Safety Regulations and will enforce Safe and Healthy working conditions.

The Company's aim is to prevent foreseeable accidents and dangerous occurrences that might put at risk the Health, Safety and Welfare of all personnel including the general public and others not employed by us.

Safety practice is part of the way in that we do and organize our work. Everyone in the Company is responsible for taking reasonable care for health, safety and welfare at work of himself and others, and for co-operating with the Company in the following its safety policy and meeting safety requirements. The particular responsibilities described below illustrate how the functions of different people come together to secure the reliable achievement of high safety standards.