General Method Statement

Al Sahara Trading & Contracting will establish a dedicated project team in Doha to undertake the project responsibilities. This includes planning, drawings, procurement, installation, QA/ QC, Safety, Testing & commissioning activities. This team will also be responsible for the co-ordination and incorporation of all data provided by the specialist equipment suppliers and subcontractors.

The project team will initially undertake a detailed review of the Project to ensure that the scope of work is fully identified and reflected in the project construction program.

A detailed project construction program will be prepared / submitted for approval soon after the award of the contract which will include:

  • Mobilization
  • Site facilities
  • Drawing Submissions
  • Material Submissions
  • Installation activities
  • Pre-commissioning activities
  • Testing & commissioning activities
  • Inspection & Approvals from Statutory Bodies / Local authorities
  • Demonstration of interface / integration of various systems
  • Snagging / Punch lists / Sign Off
  • Handing Over of systems & spares
  • Submission of As-Built drawings / O&M manuals

Drawing and material submittals with supporting data will then be prepared and submitted for approval in a timely manner to suit procurement / installation requirements and milestones.

All documents will be strictly in accordance with the approved Project Quality Manual